​​Since 1996, Edgewater Ranzal has been creating and nurturing partnerships to deliver Integrated Business Analytics Solutions globally.  

Oracle Platinum Partner

"Edgewater Ranzal has been a trusted advisor to Oracle Business Analytics customers for over 20 years. They were the first partner at Arbor Software and have stood the test of time through Hyperion and now Oracle. We are very grateful for the leadership of Robin Ranzal as she and her team have consistently brought great insights and the voice of the customer to the Oracle Business Analytics product strategy organization, keeping our solutions at the forefront of the market.

- Rich Clayton, Vice President, Business Analytics Product Group, Oracle Corporation



Incorta and Ranzal partner to provide solutions that enable you to get real-time aggregation of large, complex business data without needing a data warehouse.


OneStream and Ranzal partner to implement and deliver the next generation of modern performance management strategies for customers across North America. The deep expertise and synergy between our partnership, take the complexities out of our solutions across financial management applications.


Keyteach and Ranzal partner to create and deliver the most effective blended learning solutions for Oracle EPM and BI training. Visit the full course schedule to register for a session today!

Thavron Solutions

Thavron Solutions and Ranzal partner to deliver comprehensive Information Technology Financial Management (ITFM) solutions to clients that provide a unified view of IT's value to the business determined through a rigorous, disciplined, and transparent process, known as ITFM, governed through the offices of the CFO and CIO.


Hortonworks and Ranzal partner to provide big data management for a data driven enterprise using a cost-effective, open source framework for distributed storage and processing of extremely large, multi-source data sets.


Cloudera and Ranzal partner to integrate and deploy technology on Apache Hadoop to provide the solutions you need to better understand, use, and capitalize on big data and allow you to improve product and services efficiency throughout your organization.